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Aromatherapy for health

Lavender Essential Oil is regarded by herbalists as the most useful and versatile essential oil for therapeutic purposes.
Muscle Pain Reliever
Lavender essential oil is very beneficial for relieving  pain caused by tense muscles, backaches, sprains, sore muscles, rheumatism, joints, and muscular aches can be remedied by getting regular massages and/or baths with lavender oil.
Relaxation/Headache Remedy
Lavender has a calming effect on the nervous system, which makes it perfect for soothing the nerves and relaxing the mind. Many people have also found that lavender oil is the best way to ease pain from migraines and headaches without seeing a doctor or ingesting pain relievers.
Depression Treatment
Lavender essential oil can also be used to help treat anxiety and depression. The gentle scent will lower emotional stress, nervous tension, exhaustion, and restlessness, and increase your mind's productivity. You can also use lavender oil to treat discomfort caused by trembling, shock, vertigo, premenstrual syndrome, delusions, panic attacks, and epilepsy.
Digestion Problems
Lavender essential oil can be used to treat minor digestive problems such as colic, gas, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, stomachaches, and it aids the intestines' functions. For small children, rub lavender oil on their tummy and lower back every hour, then wait for the symptoms to fade.
Sleep Aid
If a person is having trouble sleeping or suffers from insomnia, using lavender essential oil before bed is recommended because the aroma will allow the mind to relax, and will help you fall asleep. Experts also say to put lavender into pillows to ensure a restful night, or use a drop of lavender oil on the corner of your pillow to begin relaxing.

Peppermint Essential Oil, is widely credited with helping relieve digestive issues naturally without medicine. Peppermint leaves contain menthol, which is a proven aid to digestion. The familiar aroma of peppermint is known for both its warming and cooling properties. Friendly to the sinuses, peppermint is also useful to the muscular system. Properties include being refreshing, a mental stimulant and energizing. It relieves bad breath, is a good nerve tonic that helps with mental fatigue, nervous stress, and can help relieve headaches quickly.
It is also the only essential oil that can help cure both jet lag and motion sickness. It can also help stave off mild anxiety attacks and reduce nausea.When applied on poison ivy and hives, peppermint can help quickly provide relief. It can also help provide relief from low blood pressure or menstrual cramps. It can help with tooth aches, coughs and colds as well.Finally, it can also be used to help relieve aching feet or muscle aches.

Tangerine Essential Oil, like most of the citrus family, can be depended upon for its refreshing and rejuvenating characteristics. Its aroma clears the mind and can help to eliminate emotional confusion. Aromatherapists also consider it to be very comforting, soothing and warming. Tangerine contains 85-93% limonene. Limonene has shown to protect against pancreatic, stomach, colon, skin, and liver cancers in animal studies. Tangerine is a great digestive aid and enhances the circulatory system. It also is a cleanser , and has the ability to decongest the lymphatic system and alleviate water retention! Did you know Tangerine essential oil has been studied for its ability to settle the mind and ease stress and anxiety?